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Halal Certification

Our current Elivo Range originates from Spain. During the entire process of production, fermenting and bottling, it is ensured that every measure taken complies with Spain's Halal Institute requirements. 

The Halal Institute is the entity responsible for certifying in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and the rest of Latin America, goods and services suitable for the consumption of Muslims. With more than 15 years of experience and about 500 clients, the Institute facilitates its internationalization to companies, helping them through their professional services to access and conquer a market valued at more than 3 billion of dollars, consisting of 57 countries and more than 1.7 billion potential customers.

The Halal Guarantee is granted by The Halal Institute, which is the entity that manages the Halal Guarantee Mark of Islamic Board applied to products and services marketed by Spanish and Latin American companies, both for the domestic market and for Muslim-majority countries. 

Companies certified by the Halal Institute can use their Warranty Mark on their products and or establishments to show their compliance with Halal standards. The Guarantee Mark is a Quality Mark, registered by the Islamic Board, in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office under No. M 24667900 and dated 08/15/03. The registration and maintenance of a Guarantee Mark requires its owner to control and dispose of a Regulation of Use, previously supervised by the corresponding public institutions. In this case, the entity that exclusively manages the Halal Guarantee Mark is the Halal Institute.

Below, we have attached our certification for viewing.